Use Of Certification Mark

Clients will be provided with instructions on the use and application of the GIC’s logo and Accreditation Body Marks (“the Marks”).

The certificate and right to use the Marks shall remain the exclusive property of GIC and cannot be sold, lent, licensed or used as an asset of the client organization.

Certified clients shall use the Marks in connection with the scope detail on the certification approvals. The Marks must always be accompanied with the clients’ certificate number and is used only in conjunction with the certified client’s name. Clients must not offer the certified scope from any other address that the address stated on the certificate except on a related site(s).

The Marks must not be used in any way that would indicate product approvals. The Marks must not be used on a product or product packaging or in any manner that may imply product approvals.

The Marks shall not be used on laboratory test, calibration or inspection reports.

Certified clients shall discontinue the use of the Marks found unacceptable by GIC. Any statements deem misleading by GIC shall also be withdrawn promptly by the certified clients.

If certification approvals are suspended, withdrawn or cancelled, certified clients shall immediately remove the Marks and all references pertaining to certification.