Certification Process

Stage 1 Audit

Clients will submit their management system documentation to appointed auditor(s) for preview and to determine the client’s system readiness for stage 2 audit.

Prior to the conduct of stage 1 audit, the appointment of the auditor(s) will be made known to the clients. Clients may object to the inclusion of any auditor proposed on the grounds of competency or possible conflicts of interest.

GIC and/or GIC Local could repeat its stage 1 audit if it determines that clients are not ready to proceed with the Stage 2 audit.

GIC may amend the agreement with Clients if it determines that adjustments to the stage 2 audit are necessary, eg. Change in scope, sites, audit man-days, auditors

Stage 2 Audit

Clients will be given an audit plan prior to the start of the audit. The audit team will meet with the clients’ management to discuss the conduct of the audit and the audit process, including non-conformities, observations and improvement opportunities identified during the audit.

The audit team will prepare an audit report detailing the findings, nature of corrective actions to be taken and the scope of certification to the clients’ management after the audit.

Granting of Certification Approval

GIC will grant Clients its certification when Clients complete all agreed corrective actions and are accepted by the audit team. The Certificate issued to Clients detail the scope of the management system found compliant at the time of audit. The Certificate and right to use the Registration Mark shall remain the exclusive property of GIC and cannot be sold, lent, licensed or used as an asset of the clients.

Surveillance audit

GIC performs a minimum of one (1) surveillance audit annually to ensure Clients maintained its management system to meet the requirements of the certification. The surveillance audit program is on-going and is agreed with the Clients in the contracting agreement. Clients would be given reasonable time to complete all agreed corrective actions on non-conformities raised at the surveillance audit. 


GIC performs a re-certification of clients’ management system every three (3) years after the initial certification approvals. Subject to the satisfactory outcomes of the surveillance audits and the re-certification audit, GIC will grant the certification to the clients. Clients shall be required to complete the re-certification audit and obtain certification before the expiry date of the current certification to ensure continuity of the certification.

Observed Visits / Witnessed Audits / Unscheduled Visits

GIC may be accompanied by a relevant accrediation body and/or a third party observer to witness or observe and Assessment to meet an comply with relevant accreditations, industry and/or other regulatory requirements.  GIC shall inform clients in advance of such visits or audits.  Besides, relevant accreditation body may undertake unscheduled visit as deem necessary to client premises and client shall provide such access and cooperation without harassment.