Assessment And Certification Regulation

Guardian Independent Certification Limited (“GIC”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of GIC Group Pte Ltd, a privately held, limited company, financed through paid-up shares. GIC is an UKAS and JAS-ANZ accredited Certification Body that provides its certification services through a network of representative offices throughout the world.

All UKAS and JAS-ANZ accredited certification services (“the Services”) delivered are under   the management and control of GIC and all certification decisions are made within GIC.

The Assessment and Certification Regulation (“the Conditions”) is applicable to all clients who will be and / or are certified by Guardian Independent Certification (GIC) through acceptance of the GIC Certification Agreement ("GIC Agreement") as issued by GIC’s local representative (“GIC Local”) on behalf of GIC.

GIC offers the Services within the accredited scope granted. The Services provides an independent audit and certification of an applicant’s management system against a recognised and appropriate standard.

GIC will not be responsible for any liabilities, claims, costs, expense, loss or damage made by certified clients in failing to sustain the management system as a result of any negligent.